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Suppliers to the HVAC Contractors


Material Specifications:

1. All galvanised ductwork is fabricated by using commercial grade lock forming

    materials Z275.

2. All materials and gauges can be fabricated per SANS 1238 construction standards,

    or per the customer’s specific construction requirements.

3. Option of stainless steel and aliminium.


Ductwork Specifications:

1. All duct is beaded on 300mm centers, with first bend 150mm from end for extra

    strength. Cross breaking is available upon request.

2. All duct is available in any length requested. Standard lengths are 1.200 metre

    for slip and drive / 1.130metres for TDC joints.

3. All slip and drives included on duct and fitting quotes.

4. All duct and fittings are available lined or unlined.


Lined Ductwork:

1. Duct liner fitted. 12.5, 25 and 50mm.

2. Flame retardant, water-based adhesive, as well as spot welded pins are used to

    adhere the duct liner to the duct wall.

3. The transverse edges are mechanically fixed with steel edging.


General Information:

Unless otherwise specified, all quotes and fabrications is in accordance to

low pressure standards of SANS 1238 (www.sabs.co.za)


Seams and Transverse Connections:

1. Snap lock, available in 0.6-1mm (24 gauge through to 20 gauge) - standard.

2. Pittsburgh lock, available in 0.5-1.2mm (26 gauge through to 18 gauge).

3. Slip and Drive connections available with 12.7mm notch and open hem for drive.

4. TDC (Transverse Duct Connections) is an excellent low air leakage system

    wherein a flange is roll formed onto the end of the duct, creating a bolt-up

    connection that is more economical than traditional mezz connectors.

5. Standard TDC flange is 35mm.

6. TDC clips are supplied free issue.

7. TDC is our default connector in leu of mezz flange.

8. Pressure sealants, nuts and bolts are available upon request.

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